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Manage yourself the sales campaigns with RobotoLeads or let us do it for you through our sales services.

Get Qualified Leads

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Tools and Services to Grow Your Revenue. Fast.

RobotoLeads App

10-in-1 Multi-Tool to manage your entire sales process at scale

  • Extract contact details of your ideal clients
  • Connect with prospects through LinkedIn
  • Send unlimited email campaigns
  • Email warmup, templates, email sequences
  • Integrated CRM

...and much more.

Sales Services

Let us manage the entire lead generation process

  • Define your ideal customer profile
  • Extract decision-maker contact
  • Message development
  • Technological stack setup
  • Landing page optimisation

...and much more.

Our Clients Have Seen

5X Qualified Leads

90% Less Time for Prospecting

70% Automated Sales Process

On average, a sales professional spends 70% of the time just searching and qualifying leads

With RobotoLeads you can reach thousands of potential customers in just a few clicks.

Generate Leads While Sleeping

Do you experience the following problems?

Most of your time for sales is spent on searching for leads?

Are you doing the lead generation process manually?

Your sales campaigns don't generate the expected results?

Do you lack the right tools to increase your conversion rate?

The right sales tools can be the difference between a business that’s just getting by and a business that’s skyrocketing to success.

It's Time to Put Your Lead Generation Process on Autopilot

RobotoLeads will skyrocket your sales process

Instantly reach your ideal clients at scale

RobotoLeads will automatically contact the decision-makers.

Automatically connect and extract contact details

Extract their contact information in seconds, with one click.

Focus on closing deals rather than prospecting

Roboto Leads will bring qualified leads and you just need to close the deals.

The right sales tools can be the difference between a business that’s just getting by and a business that’s skyrocketing to success.

No credit card required.

How RobotoLeads Helps You to Automatically Generate Leads


LinkedIn Prospector

Automatically reach hundreds of prospects daily on LinkedIn

  • Connect with professionals from any industry on autopilot
  • Automatically send personalised invitations to connect with new leads
  • Extract contact details such as email and phone number 
  • Create targeted prospect lists from LinkedIn


Email Finder

Find the prospects' contact details from any company

  • Search for decision-maker emails in bulk with the click of a button
  • Extract emails directly from LinkedIn and other websites
  • Search for decision-maker emails directly from company websites
  • Find contact details of local companies around the world


Send Unlimited Emails

Send automated sales outreach sequences on autopilot

  • Automated email warmup to ensure the highest email deliverability
  • Send unlimited automatic email sequences
  • Integrated with our RobotoLeads CRM with unlimited contacts
  • Launch personalised email campaigns and newsletters

...and many more features...

We Deliver New Sales Opportunities.

You Close Deals.

We develop, launch and supervise targeted and personalised sales campaigns, handling the entire sales process.

Ultimately, your team begins closing more deals and focusing on other aspects of the business.

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